August 27, 2016


Pharmaleaders attempt is  to recognize and celebrate science and innovation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science & healthcare industry. At the celebration day of the Awards, Companies, Academics, Partners, Government and Delegates get a glimpse of Pharmaleaders’s ongoing research and a walk through of the Network 7 Media Group ’s most recent innovations in the complex field of understanding & analyzing genes of the healthcare industry as Pharmaleaders feel that “no one understands the returning the smiles to the achievers they deserve most”


“Regarding the 2016, 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2016, we have been honoring  outstanding scientific contributions for more than a decade and are privileged to recognize the work of accomplished leaders “As a true friend, philosopher & guide, we are deeply committed to creating a more sustainable future through scientific research and we will continue to support visionary pharma leaders  as they strive to advance our understanding in all fields of the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry. “The Pharmaceutical Leadership & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards”  was first bestowed in India in 19991 In order to reflect the increasingly global nature of the awards, it was then revaluated & reshaped in more credible formats in the year 2008 & since than these awards serve as a benchmark of innovation.

Award Category Definitions:

Pharma Leaders Awards: Honors an individual or organization in health education making a difference in their community and in health care. In managing the business activities and the practice’s internal promotions, has direct authority, and/or decision-making responsibilities. Honoring  a company, and/or organization that has successfully implemented a program that has addressed and acknowledged problems in health care administration or in the delivery of health care. Recognising a company, and/or individual primarily responsible for a medical science discovery or for development of a new procedure, device, service, program or treatment that can save lives or improve the quality of life for a large number of people. Honoring a physician whose job performance is considered commendable by patients and colleagues. Honoring an individual who is an authorized practitioner of medicine, whose job performance is considered commendable by patients and colleagues. Honoring an individual who contributes time and/or expertise to patients or healthcare issues, and whose volunteer efforts have made a substantial positive impact on the community.

The Top Areas of Judging & Selection By The Jury

  •           Leadership
  •           Strategic Planning
  •           Customer And Market Focus
  •           Information And Analysis
  •           Human Resource Focus
  •           Process Management
  •           Business Results
  •           Financial management,
  •           Decision making roles
  •           Business impact. •Business ethics,
  •           Managing rapid growth,
  •           Innovation.Adapting to change.
  •           Strategic partnerships.
  •           Leadershiproles& Marketing strategies
  •           Corporate philanthropy to society.