September 6, 2016


Guidelines & Tips for Award Nominations

Every year, PharmaLeaders Power Brand Awards launches calls for award nominations depending on the scope & nature of the award categories. It is extremely important that applicants review the information about the award categories to make sure they are applying for the deserving opportunity that better fits their needs and capacity. Innovation and creative focus should be an integral part of all award nominations submitted to Network 7 Media Group Jury appointed & approved by the Pharma Leaders expert panel. Awards are conferred after a careful scrutiny of the team that apply stringent quality parameters & transparent process involving comprehensive selection methodology.

After the deadline to submit nominations, all received nominations are subject to a process of comprehensive analysis, considering overall contrbutions, impact in the community and remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry. Incomplete or inconsistent nominations will not be considered in the formal evaluation and selection process. Nominations will be selected based on their compliance with all PharmaLeaders Power Brand  objectives and specific eligibility criteria. The process is as follows:

  • PharmaLeaders Power Brand secretariat screens all nominations received. It may reject award nominations that are out of scope, duplicated and/or incomplete.
  • All approved award nominations will be then be reviewed online by the Evaluation Committee and issue a recommendation to the Apex Board constituted by Pharma Leaders eminent panel of the jury Members.
  • PharmaLeaders Power Brand will make a final decision about the award nominations selected.
  • A notification will be issued to all shortlisted applicants. A formal announcement will be made on this website and finalists will be informed by email and/or phone once all processes & regulations are met.

Terms and Conditions

  • All required information must be provided through the relevant online application form. Be as clear and concrete as possible when filling in the application form. Include only images and/or diagrams to facilitate the evaluation process.
  • Award nominations received by email will not be processed. No additional information can be filed after the closing date. PharmaLeaders Power Brand Secretariat will contact you if any clarification is needed. Please do not submit complete curriculum vitae/résumé, unless the PharmaLeaders Power Brand secretariat requires it.
  • Once a nomination has been submitted, the designated email contacts will receive an automatic confirmation message. If you do not receive a confirmation message please review your spam filters, and contact the Secretariat at before attempting to submit your nomination again.
  • All nominations received are reviewed by the PharmaLeaders Power Brand secretariat and then evaluated by the according to a detailed and exhaustive evaluation process.
  • If you have problems accessing the online application form or other information please contact the Secretariat at All required information must be included within the application form, as no additional information received by any other means will be examined during the selection process.
  • The Nomination Desk can request applicants to provide more details at any time during the selection process.