India’s Most Admired Orthopedic Surgeon 2017 Nominees

The future of orthopaedic surgery and treatment has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and is set to change further in the coming decade, as there continues to be significant advances in both medicine and biomechanical apparatus. Innovation in the orthopaedic field requires the surgeon to break the traditional rules and think out of the box. The specialty of orthopaedic surgery, has grown rapidly in the past 40 years, and today it provides medical, surgical, rehabilitative, and orthotic care to a lot of patientsi.Technological advancements have led to creation of sophisticated imaging capabilities, minimally invasive surgeries, and shortened recovery period. In short, it has helped patients to be more functional in a short time span.

Here are the top six finalists for the very coveted & prestigious “India’s Most Admired Orthopedic Surgeon 2017”. Though there are many more deserving applicants, this final six was the best out of best at our research.
India’s Most Admired Orthopedic Surgeon 2017
1. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal,Chairman & Executive Director,Fortis Bone & Joint Institute, Fortis Group of Hospitals. (031)
2. Dr. Thomas A Chandy,Director & Chief of Orthopaedics,Hosmat Arthritis and Joint Replacement Centre. (032)
3. Dr. Sanjay Agarwala, Chief of Surgery & the Head of Orthopaedics,Hinduja National Hospital. (033)
4. Dr. Amyn Rajani,Founder,Orthopaedic Arthroscopy Knee & Shoulder Clinic (OAKS). (034)
5. Dr. Niraj Vora,Specialist in Hip & Knee Surgeon & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, S. L. Raheja Hospital. (035)
6. Dr. Shreedhar Archik,Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon,Global Hospital,Lilavati Hospital,Hinduja Health Care. (036)