Healthcare Leader of the Year Award 2017 Nominees

Innovation. Leadership. Resilience & Creativity. Today’s successful health care leaders must demonstrate all four. The new age Healthcare Leaders at Pharma Leaders 2017 nominees in the coveted category of “Healthcare Leader of the Year 2017” is an attempt find out a leader who can address how to effectively lead their businesses amid the changes reshaping the industry. With a penchant of looking past the headlines and at the people shaping the future of their organizations, Pharma Leaders Awards are set of prestigious awards that seek to find healthcare leaders with a difference. The selection source for Pharma Leaders top six nominees stem from Network 7 Research’s premier source for the latest in leadership, innovation, and policy, taking the pulse of the latest industry standards and developments. Most would agree that improving our nation’s health system is essential in order to preserve the protections of coverage and ensure that high quality affordable care will be there for our coming generations

In short, Pharma Leaders 2017 Awards is looking for a decisive Leadership with the vision and business skills to guide the restructuring of a massive health care system.
Here are the nominees for the Healthcare Leader of the Year Award 2017
1. Prof. Dr. C Mohamed Ashraf,CMD,CRAFT Hospital & Research Centre. (013)
2. Dr. Hrishikesh D. Pai,Founder & Medical Director, Bloom IVF Group. (014)
3. Dr. Dharminder Nagar,Managing Director at Paras Healthcare. (015)
4. Dr. Sourabh Welling, Chairman and Managing Director, Welling Homeopathy Clinic. (016)
5. Dr. N. Sethuraman, Founder & Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre. (017)
6. Dr. Shuchin Bajaj,Founder Director,Cygnus Hospitals (018)